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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 5 - Addendum: Velcro Sheep!

Quick note - the "car path blocked by wild farm animals" incident tally is up to two. First, cows on the path back from Newgrange, and second, sheep on the road to Galway from Louisburgh. These sheep were spray painted cotton candy colors to mark them, making them look like they'd just gotten back from some serious sheep partying.

They are probably kin to the velcro sheep that stick to the sides of the hills as we pass. How do they get up there? Why don't they fall? It's insane to look up a hundred feet or two and see sheep happily chewing cud and peering down at the valley, sometimes literally standing sideways, sometimes nestled against the wall, by some sort of sheep velcro, I'm sure. Completely insane.


  1. maybe the sheep are on their way home from a rave