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Sunday, February 19, 2012

So Accommodating!

The guys and I spent a couple of hours booking Ireland accommodations tonight.  It's an interesting mix of boutique hotels and tiny family-run places all over Ireland and Northern Ireland. I'm shocked at how easy it was to find places - Ireland is famous for its B&B hospitality, but it's always a little worrisome booking hotels in another country.  How did we survive before online reviews???

Anyway, we wanted clean and comfortable, not too pricey, and I wanted to be close to the center of town - unlike Los Angeles, which is a haphazard collection of neighborhoods, many of these small towns actually have a city center of some sort.  We also decided to stay away from hotel chains, with the exception of our last night in Dublin, when we just need someplace close to the airport.  Somehow it seems wrong to spend the days exploring eight-hundred-year-old churches and six-hundred foot cliffs and then spend the nights at a series of Holiday Inns.

I think we chose well - good reviews, good prices, and some of our hotels are downright picturesque.

Next on my list - finding a hotel for a night in Salzburg for later in the trip, and looking at train tickets.

Oh, planning is such fun.

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